Six Worlds of WOW 2017

National WOW MuseumDaily: 10am - 5pm

Six Worlds of WOW 2017 invites you to enter the wondrous worlds of WOW and celebrate the infinite possibilities of creativity.

Six Worlds of WOW 2017 is the National WOW Museum’s exhibition of finalist garments from the 2017 World of WearableArt Awards.

Featuring more than 50 stunning creations from around the world, Six Worlds of WOW is the best way to truly appreciate the skill and detailing of WOW’s wearable art.

The exhibition epitomises the heart of WOW – that anyone can enter the competition, as long as they can meet the challenge to create a piece of wearable art that is original, innovative and truly exceptional. As is the case every year, the designers in the 2017 competition came from all walks of life, ranging from fashion designers and artists, to a realtor, an orchardist and two welders; the competition attracted international attention with finalist garments from 13 countries around the world; and the garments themselves are made of a range of materials including recyclables such as bicycle spokes, chopsticks, horsehair and orange peels, through to high-tech, cutting edge developments with the likes of Worbla, Fosshape and Plasterzote.

Six Worlds of WOW features many of the award-winning garments from the 2017 WOW Awards Show, including the winner of the 2017 Supreme WOW Award, Encapsulate by Rinaldy Yunardi (Indonesia); the Runner-Up to the Supreme WOW Award, Refuse Refuge by Grace DuVal (United States), made entirely of recycled bicycle tyres and spokes; and the winner of the Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award, 222 Buckle Belts by Annina Gull (Switzerland), chosen by Dame Suzie as the garment that best captures the WOW spirit.

The title of the exhibition, Six Worlds of WOW, refers to the six sections within the competition. Three remain constant from year-to-year – Open, Aotearoa and Avant-garde – with three sections unique to 2017; Red, Illumination Illusion and Science Fiction.

Six Worlds of WOW is a unique opportunity to step into our world.

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