100 Years Of Motoring

National WOW MuseumDaily: 10am - 5pm

A car used by presidents, and the most expensive car ever made for its time are some of the treasures you’ll unearth at the Nelson Classic Car Collection.

This eclectic, world-class private collection is one of Australasia’s largest, and is housed next to the National WOW Museum. It celebrates the art of motoring, reflecting changing times, trends, technology and events. It contains some of the most sought-after models in classic motoring, presented to the highest standard with period-accurate dioramas.

Some have undergone extensive restoration, with Victory Automotive bringing many back to life. One fine example is this summer’s feature car, a ‘moonshine runner’ 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe V8. Originally a typical post-Depression drab dark blue, this car now shines with the true excitement of its era, featuring modifications made by moonshiners escaping police in the southern states of the United States. This car is now a burning red hot, with immaculately refreshed chrome trim, crisp white wall radial tyres, and a modified V8 flathead engine, giving it 50 per cent more power.

This car also occupies another important place in motoring history. Feeling the need for speed, moonshine renegades started racing each other, fine-tuning their talents on a track etched in a field – and NASCAR was born.